Wet End

BEAMHOUSE Soaking specialties
Specific biocides
Liming specialties
Deliming specialties
Bating enzimes
Degreasing agents
Pickling agents
TANNING Pretanning specialties
Chrome tanning specialties
Specific biocides
White tanning specialties
Ecologic tanning specialties
Polymeric tanning systems
RETANNING Retanning specialties
Polymeric retanning specialties
Degreasing agents
Polymeric fatliquors
Anionic fatliquors
Cationic fatliquors
Specific fatliquors
Water repellents
Specific biocides
Emulsifying specialties
DYES Powder anionic dyes
Liquid anionic dyes
Liquid cationic dyes
Dyeing specialties
Dispersed in drums pigments


Liquid anionic dyes
Liquid cationic dyes
Dispersed pigments
Caseinic pigments
Compact binders
Polyurethane binders
Protein binders
LACQUERS Water-based lacquers
Nitrocellulose emulsions
AUXILIARIES Crosslinking agents
Fillers and waxes
Miscellaneous specialties
Pull-up oils and waxes
Specialty wax systems
Specific biocides


Kemia Tau dedicates the same level of care and professional attention to both high volume and smaller-size production requests, from national and worldwide clients. Thanks to its flexibility, it can produce chemical synthesis up to 280° C.

Research and Development
Research is a constant in the Kemia Tau culture, the added value that fosters its growth and fuels the efficiency and effectiveness of its solutions.

Tailor made solutions
To satisfy the aesthetic requests and requirements of its fashion industry clients, Kemia Tau discreetly develops – in concert with style and design departments – customised solutions that reflect each brand’s unique personality.

Problem Solving
Leather is a wonderful and mercurial material that never ceases to surprise, sometimes with unexpected reactions that don’t match a project’s intended aims. Kemia Tau prides itself on its ability to take on particularly delicate production challenges and is always on hand to study and craft the best customised remedial solutions for any project.

Answering the demand for increasingly sustainable and metal free leather products, Kemia Tau performs meticulous, exhaustive leather analyses to detect traces of undesired chemical contaminants and dangerous, forbidden or subject to restrictions toxic elements.