Kemia Tau’s comprehensive investment in sustainability is reflected in its approach to people, planet and performance.
Kemia Tau views its workforce as a family where individual talents are valued and opportunities for personal growth encouraged, a close-knit group sharing the passion and heritage of the highest chemistry and tanning chemistry tradition in Italy.
Kemia Tau’s social commitment also finds expression in its ethically conscious and transparency-based relationship with its employees. Workplace safety and health are longstanding and paramount corporate concerns.


The Kemia Tau headquarters’ location in the La Mandria Natural Park northwest of Turin – nestled within a protected wilderness area declared a Unesco World Heritage Site – has been a daily wellspring of inspiration, steering and focusing its gaze towards the most advanced solutions for water recovery, the elimination of pollutants, waste disposal and the reduction of packaging materials.

Based on a new vacuum evaporation process, Kemia Tau’s recent use of a leading edge water depuration system for its synthesis laboratories has shined a light on how pioneering technologies are enabling the more efficient recovery of refluent waters.
Kemia Tau also employs a thermal regenerative post-combustor for the treatment and elimination, through thermal oxidation, of potential pollutants present in the air aspired by its production plants.

As well as conferring the ISO 14001 certification and the Integrated Environmental Authorization (AIA), the Piedmont Region’s authorities have recognized on several occasions Kemia Tau’s proactive role in pursuing ecotechnologies that play a crucial part in lessening pollution impact and preserving the environment.


The bond between competitiveness and sustainability is becoming stronger every day. For Kemia Tau, the quest for sustainability is also a catalyst behind its commitment to seeking and finding the most inspired, innovative and effective solutions for its client base.
Flexibility, dynamism, leading edge technologies, efficient production cycles and research and development are the driving elements keeping us in step with the market’s evolution.